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In Latvia, urinals combined with a basin to conserve water and improve hygiene

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The Stand TANDEM is hoping to tackle excessive water usage – using the water from a top-mounted sink to flush the devices.


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We recently saw urinals at the Rio carnival reconfigured to turn urine into electricity, as well as curb streetside toilet breaks. Now the Stand TANDEM is hoping to tackle another issue – combining a basin and urinal to conserve water and improve hygiene.

The Latvian company has redesigned the toilet to include a small basin and faucet on the top. After it has been used, patrons can wash their hands in the sink. The water used then runs straight down into the urinal, cleaning it before the next person comes to use it. The system replaces existing models, whereby handwashing and flushing use different water sources and therefore consume more water. At the same time, the convenience of being able to wash their hands without moving to a separate part of the restroom could result in more patrons partaking in hygienic practice.

According to reports, the Stand TANDEM sells for USD 590 per unit and has been manufactured on a small scale for clients in Norway, Germany, Russia, Poland, and Latvia. Could this innovation be taken up around the world?

Spotted by: Murray Orange



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