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Latvian blogging platform recreates real-time typing effect

Publishing & Media is a blogging platform that uses a text typing effect to recreate the writers' compositions one letter at a time.

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There is something mesmerizing about catching a glimpse of a writer’s process: seeing their notes and corrections or their unfinished sentences. Hoping to capture that intrigue, is a platform that host daily journals, complete with a text typing effect, that recreates the writer’s composition one letter at a time.

Anyone can use, either as a writer or reader. To create a journal, users must first make a profile and then choose a title and background image for their project. Then, they are encouraged to update their journal daily, with short posts. Readers simply select a journal and it opens on a separate page. The story appears gradually, one character at a time at the speed it was written, with the cursor flashing suspensefully in the pauses between words.

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