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Learn to code and create with new gaming device


A new gaming device designed around the Raspberry Pi allows users to develop a range of computer engineering skills.

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Since the introduction of the Raspberry Pi, a number of computing platforms and accessories designed for learning have been built around the Pi, including the Piper electronics kit and the Chune smartspeaker. Now, a new platform built around the Pi promises to allow users of all ages to create a handheld coding and gaming system. Created by startup Curious Chip, the Pip has been designed to allow users to learn programming in multiple coding languages while also giving them the tools to invent and code new games from scratch or to customize existing games using Pip’s open source components and hardware.

Pip is powered by the Raspberry Pi compute module 3 and the Raspbian operating system. Pip’s browser-based coding platform, called Curiousity, allows users to seamlessly code apps and upload them to Pip, using Javascript, Python, Lua, HTML and PHP. Step-by-step tutorials help users to learn the basics; from coding, to making LEDs flash, or using Pip to program smart devices. The Pip is battery powered and comes with USB controllers for 2-player gaming using an integrated kickstand, eight programmable RGB lights, a microphone, speakers and motion sensors. There is also an emulator included so coders can try their creations out before loading them into Pip.

According to Sukhvir Dhillon, CEO of Curious Chip, Pip is designed to help teach almost anyone to create and invent using the Raspberry Pi. “We wanted to make something that taught coding skills with real hardware. It was important for us that people could use skills learnt with Pip and go on to invent beyond our platform.” The project has also received the support and approval of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, with Eben Upton, Founder of Raspberry Pi, saying, “[Pip] takes the Raspberry Pi platform … to places that we could never have imagined.” Pip is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The crowdfunding campaign runs through to Thursday 14 December 2017 and backers will receive Pip in August 2018. Will Pip help to train the next generation of hardware and software developers?



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