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Shake mix made from pure powdered fruits and vegetables

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We may all know that eating our “five a day” is important for good health, but achieving that goal can be another matter. The Innocent smoothie brand has already offered one solution to that problem — namely, its pop-up 5 for 5 Café in London — but German Tomarni GmbH takes a different approach. Tomarni’s Lebepur is a powdered shake mix that’s made from nothing but finely ground fruits and vegetables. Available in both vegetable and fruit-vegetable formulations, Lebepur mixes include a combination of dried strawberries, cabbage, parsnip, broccoli, bananas, tomatoes, kale, mango, plums, lentils, cauliflower and spinach. Both varieties come in powdered form, ready for mixing with water into a healthy shake. Both are also rich in phytochemicals and important secondary metabolites. One 450 gram bag — enough for 30 shakes — contains the equivalent of 3,000 grams of fresh fruits and vegetables, Tomarni says, offering a convenient way to consume more produce without having to worry about seasonality or spoilage. Priced at EUR 9.90 for a bag of vegetable mix or EUR 14.90 for the fruit-vegetable variety, Lebepur keeps for two years without any preservatives. Worldwide shipping is available. With compelling benefits for consumers in just about every walk of life, Lebepur could be a good addition to any retail store, health-focused or otherwise.



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