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Light emitting, interactive tiles bring walls to life

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Australian art and design company ENESS have introduced LUMES, light emitting tiles that can be used to create interactive wall scenes.

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Based in Melbourne, Australia, art and design studio ENESS’ LUMES wall tiles combine interactive media, sculpture and lighting. Currently available in a natural wood veneer, the tiles are being used in a children’s hospital to create scenes of nature, weather and athletics. The scenes change as the viewer approaches and moves along the corridor.

Apples fall off trees, birds fly away and a passenger jet follows whoever is going past. There are also scenes of sheep eating grass and a rocket launching. Up close, the wooden walls look like typical paneling. The magic lies in the studio’s smart technology that is integrated into the back of the tiles. ENESS plans to expand the use of the panels into the retail and hospitality industries and will also explore expanding the amount of materials the tiles are available in.

Interactivity is being trialed in a huge variety of ways, including a television show whose ending depended on viewers’ votes and motion activated public art sculptures. Beyond its visually pleasing aspect, how could interactivity in public spaces help make architecture more useful?



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