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Lightweight flatpack truck can be assembled in a day


Developed by the UK's Global Vehicle Trust, the OX could provide African regions with cheap transportation.

Netherlands-based Sandwichbikes has already enabled consumers to build their own bikes from a self-assembly kit. Now UK’s Global Vehicle Trust wants to bring the OX – a lightweight flatpack truck that can be built in a day – to African regions in need of cheap transportation.

Designed specifically to cater for the kind of terrains found in the remote villages of the developing world, the OX weighs 1,500 kilograms and can carry up to 13 people at a time. In order to cut down assembly time, the vehicle is made out of simple parts, can be prepared for delivery by UK engineers in around 5 hours, and takes three people 11.5 hours to assemble the truck fully. It’s size when flatpacked is small enough that six packed trucks can be loaded into the assembled OX itself. It is hoped that the truck could be a cheap way to transport those who otherwise have to travel far distances for water and other resources, while also providing quick assembly when the trucks are needed for medical emergencies in the case of natural disaster, epidemics or conflict. However, as the Global Vehicle Trust points out, there has been demand for the vehicle even in developed countries – from farmers, estate owners and those dealing with rough terrain.

It is hoped that the OX could become an essential part of the infrastructure of village communities, vastly improving the quality of life for those in remote areas. Are there other complex vehicles that could be redesigned for flatpack assembly?

Spotted by: Murray Orange



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