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Limited-edition lingerie, sold online & made to order


Planned scarcity is a well-known tactic for enhancing a product’s appeal, and a German web retailer is taking that strategy to the max with its new collection of strictly limited-edition lingerie. On the 12th of each month at midnight, Edition12 will debut the newest piece from its collection—the first one was just unveiled last week. Each design is reproduced for sale in only 120 pieces, and it’s on sale for just a month—or until the 120 pieces sell out, whichever comes first. The sets are then made to order, and shipped within 6–8 weeks. Edition12’s designs are created by fishbelly, Berlin designer Jutta Teschner’s award-winning label, and each copy sold is assigned a unique number. Edition12 lingerie is available online from with free international shipping, but there are no advance orders, no reservations and no telephone orders. Pricing on the first design is EUR 190. In many ways, Edition12 is much like 20ltd—which we covered last year—only focused on the single niche of lingerie. Whatever the category, however, planned scarcity is an increasingly appealing way to battle the forces of massclusivity and give consumers the status they so ardently desire. When money can no longer buy consumers love, it’s just possible scarcity can! Spotted by: Bernd



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