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Link-sharing platform aims to replace the annoying group email

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Spotslet is using social media techniques to help colleagues share links and info only with those who are interested.

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We're always coming across things on the internet to share with friends or colleagues, whether it's another cat video or a relevant article about business trends. While social media tends to do the trick for the average web user, office workers will know all too well the hell of being stuck in an email thread they don't even have an interest in. Spotslet is now hoping to make them a thing of the past, using social media techniques to help colleagues share links and info only with those who are interested.

When sending an interesting article via email, it can be difficult to work out who might like it, and more often than not it ends up being sent to entire departments or — even worse — Cc'd to All. This can disrupt people's work and usually not everyone is interested. Spotslet works more like a social platform for businesses that lets users subscribe to the topics they are interested in.

Users can post news, articles, information or any links they want, tagging them with the relevant topics. They can use the web app to do so — much like any social network — but the email function is what makes Spotslet more fitting for businesses. Instead of entering in reams of email addresses or mailing lists when sharing a link, users can simply email instead, remembering to include tags. It's automatically posted via their profile, and anyone subscribed to the tags will also receive it in their inbox, just like a regular email.

Watch the video below to find out more about how Spotslet works:

Although the internet is the best tool humans have ever had for sharing information more intelligently, Spotslet shows that better ways to do so can still be developed. How else can information be better organized and delivered?



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