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London diners pay what they want at Little Bay

Eating Out

Like the Ibis Singapore hotel we featured last week, London restaurant Little Bay is taking a leaf out of Radiohead’s book, letting diners set their own prices. While many restaurants are battling the credit crunch by offering 2-for-1 deals or other forms of recession pricing, Little Bay’s Farringdon branch will accept anything from a penny to GBP 100 for its efforts, which is a bold move, considering their menus lists dishes such as foie gras terrine and steamed butter fish. The promo has attracted considerable media interest in London, shown the restaurant to be kind in difficult times, and it may even boost revenue—the owner has seen some customers paying more than 20% of listed prices. It can also serve as a reality check, showing a business how much its customers value its product and service. Not one for the faint-hearted 😉 (Related: Pay-what-you-want restaurants.) For more on corporate generosity, check out our sister site’s February trend briefing: Generation G. Spotted by: Cagla Pakel



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