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Korean comment boards automatically linked to users’ social networks

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Any reader of online discussions will be familiar with the heated debate that often ensues. Hoping to ensure that these debates don’t get out of hand, Korean LiveRe adds a degree of accountability by re-posting users’ comments on online discussion boards directly to their social networks. The service — created by Cizion — can automatically re-post to Facebook and Twitter accounts any comments or messages left on online boards. For example, if a user were to publish a comment on the message board of an online newspaper, the comment would also appear on their Twitter or Facebook profile. The service both helps to spread a user’s online activity to their friends, while also reducing the risk of offensive commenting on message boards, as these comments would no longer be anonymous. LiveRe — named from a combination of the words “Live” and “Reply” — is appealing for both the ease and transparency it offers the world of online messaging. If you host a website with a message board, is it time to look into services such as LiveRe and Facebook Connect in an effort to keep things clean? Spotted by: Joy Woonhyung Kang



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