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New location tech for wearables doesn't require smartphones

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Precision Location for Wearables SDK can be incorporated directly into wearables via a tiny chip, so it can send location data without needing additional devices.

Location technology has previously required a significant amount of memory, power and bandwidth. That is why, until now, wearables have been excluded from location capabilities unless they are linked to a larger device such as a smartphone. But now, location tech veteran Skyhook has created the Precision Location for Wearables SDK, which can enable wearables to deliver location independently due to its minimal code and requirements.

Precision Location for Wearables SDK uses so little code that it can be incorporated directly into wearable devices, via a tiny chip. The system uses an Embedded Location Gateway with a memory requirement that is 100 times less than a typical software development kit, while still providing precise location within 10 to 20 meters. The software relays the location information back to Skyhook’s servers, so that users can log in to a web page or app and get the details directly from their wearable device.

Skyhook envision the technology being used as a tracker for children that alerts parents if the wearer moves out of a safe geographical area. What other uses are there for this software?



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