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London art exhibition for dogs encourages owners to play

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A partnership between insurance company More Th>n and artist Dominic Wilcox, the interactive exhibition included an open car window simulator.

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Many of the projects looking at ways to integrate tech with pet care have looked at providing remote care, like smart food bowls and video chat and play via app. Recognizing that pet owners need IRL playtime as well, UK insurance company More Th>n created the #PlayMore campaign. As part of the project, artist Dominic Wilcox designed an interactive art exhibition specifically for dogs.

Open for just two days in August, the sold out event included specially commissioned paintings. The works were created using the colors dogs can see – blue, yellow and grey – and placed at animal eye level. The interactive part of the exhibition included a 10-foot wide ball pool that looked like a bowl of dog food. Another piece was Cruising Canines, an open car window simulation blowing smells of old shoes and meat towards visitors. Water jets and a Frisbee simulator also kept the dogs busy.

What other activities could be adapted for use by the entire family, two, four and more-legged?



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