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In London, customers design and print fashion items live in-store

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YrStore is a pop-up shop that sells garments designed and printed by the customers themselves using a digital graffiti platform.

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Hot on the heels of our recent coverage of Canada’s walk-in BITE lipstick laboratory, which enables consumers to quickly create their own unique cosmetics, we’ve now come across another example of fast fashion. Opening in London’s Carnaby Street for a limited time of four weeks, YrStore is a pop-up store that sells garments designed and printed by the customers themselves.

The idea is the brainchild of the team behind YrWall – the digital graffiti platform that is employed in the new store as a way to create designs to print. The store features a number of booths, where visitors can digitally draw, arrange or manipulate existing images to cover a blank t-shirt. The platform features pre-programmed elements and designs by renowned artists, or users can bring along their own designs to upload onto the system. Once they’ve finalized their design, customers can watch their t-shirt get printed live in the store. The video below explains the concept in further detail:

YrStore is one in a continuing line of fashion outlets that are handing over the creative process to the buyer, enabling them to be creators as well as consumers. Are there other industries that could benefit from this kind of consumer involvement?

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