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Long-range, internet-controlled drones

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Uavia has developed internet-connected aerial drones, which make long-range, out-of-sight flights available for commercial use.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) potential has grown massively over the past year with uses ranging from forest fire management to 3D computers. Despite that, most non-armed devices are restricted to human sight-guided use, so France-based Uavia recently unveil their ‘Internet of Drones’ concept.


By incorporating the IoT-enabling Snappy Ubuntu core processor, Uavia have developed drones that can be operated by computers using 3G/4G LTE networks. Current UAVs are generally controlled through the use of radio links, and operational ranges are limited to a few miles. Uavia’s tech will use high bandwith IP links between the drone and its pilot, enabling businesses to schedule and execute the drone via a browser. For businesses that require aerial data, such as land surveying or harbor management, Uavia could help them deploy a fleet of drones from their offices and receive real-time observation data using the startup’s terrain mapping software. They will also supply field charging stations to ensure that human intervention in drone flight is unnecessary.

The team has already successfully flown a drone in Paris from a computer in San Francisco. How could internet-controlled drones be used by consumers?



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