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Shirts designed for men who are tall, but not overweight


Clothing and shoe sizing is notorious for targeting averages, leaving consumers with less-than-standard proportions to fend for themselves. That’s why we’ve seen the emergence of niche sites such as Uneven Feet, and it’s also the motivation behind Longshot Apparel, which targets tall men. “Big and tall” shops for men are no longer uncommon, of course, but most focus predominantly on the “big” part of the spectrum, leaving those who are tall and fit with relatively few options. That’s where Seattle-based Longshot Apparel comes in. Launched just last week, the retailer focuses solely on making ready-to-wear casual shirts for tall and fit men. All Longshot shirts are designed and manufactured in the United States from Italian fabric; domestic shipping and returns are always free. Longshot’s trademark “Lawson” shirt is currently available in three colors, priced at USD 175, but more styles and colors are coming soon. With its nearly infinite variations, it’s hard to imagine a better instrument than the human body for creating niche markets. How about picking another one that’s still underserved…? (Related: Bikes built for heavier riders.)



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