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App tells visually impaired the value of paper currency

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Having a visual impairment means that many daily tasks are transformed into daily challenges. One such difficulty is how to determine the value of paper currency during financial transactions. A potential solution, however, comes from US-based Ipplex, in the form of their recently launched LookTel Money Reader app. The app, currently available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch, instantly recognizes US paper currency using Apple’s built in camera, and then ‘speaks’ the denomination back to the visually impaired or blind user. The app will identify notes from USD 1 to USD 100, and has the ability to scan these notes when they are partially obscured and folded up — as can be seen in the demonstration video. The LookTel app is currently available from the App Store, priced at USD 1.99. The app’s convenience, with no Internet connection required, could make it a valuable aid for the blind and visually impaired. With plans to expand the technology to recognizing packaged goods, CDs, DVDs, medication bottles and landmarks, is this one to partner with or support? (Related: Blind guides take sighted on sensorial walking tours of Lisbon)



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