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Loop is a gaming system that gets kids outdoors

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An open-source audio gaming platform, Loop quantifies kids' outdoor play and gets them physically competing with friends.

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While the Nintendo Wii has gone some way to introduce physical activity into gaming, and ideas such as NexGym have aimed to entice kids by incorporating gaming into exercise regimes, gaming and outdoor play are still largely two separate entities. Loop is an open-source audio gaming platform that quantifies kids’ outdoor play and gets them physically competing with friends.

Developed by product design agency Pushstart Creative, the ‘controller’ consists of a small plastic bar and clip that is attached to kids’ clothes or held in the hand. Each clip contains sensors to track physical activity, as well as solid state storage that holds the interactive stories that make up the game aspect. Kids connect their headphones to the clip and play the game by completing physical exercises that are integrated into the narrative. By completing levels, players unlock new tasks just like console games. Loop features both solo and group games, where multiple players can sync the audio and compete in games such as Capture the Flag. In either case, kids’ performance is tracked and stored onto the clip, which can afterwards be connected to a smart device via Bluetooth to display their results. Players earn points for their activity, which can be used to purchase game upgrades and also show off to their friends.

Although not currently fully developed to take to market, Pushstart Creative is looking for partners who can bring the idea into reality. How else can gaming culture be used to get kids keeping fit?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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