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Buy one condom, donate one to women in the developing world

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We’ve seen numerous “buy one, donate one” initiatives over the years, covering everything from baby blankets to houses. One we only just discovered, however, is L., a Los Angeles company that donates one condom to women in the developing world for each one purchased on its site. Founded by Talia Frenkel, a longtime photographer for the Red Cross, L.’s mission is “to support women globally by focusing on their sexual empowerment,” in the site’s own words. Preventing both HIV and unwanted pregnancies is a big part of that mission, which L. pursues not just through condom distribution in sub-Saharan Africa but also with support for educational, economic and cultural programs through peer-to-peer outreach and partnerships with grassroots women leaders. The for-profit company has teamed up with Direct Relief International, and is also working to cultivate partnerships with smaller like-minded nonprofits in AIDS-affected areas. L.’s condoms, meanwhile, are manufactured with female-friendliness and sustainability in mind. Pre-order pricing is USD 14 per pack of 12, or USD 11 per month by subscription; L.’s first products are due to ship soon. L. seeks additional nonprofits to partner with to help support its mission. It also runs a Campus Club to encourage the involvement of students at colleges and universities. One to get your generous brand involved in? Spotted by: Alice Revel



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