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Free MBA lectures delivered through a Facebook application


We’ve seen plenty of free, online education initiatives in recent years — University of the People is just one example — but it wasn’t until recently that we came across a degree program run entirely through Facebook. Yes, that’s right, the London School of Business and Finance now offers a free MBA program that’s conducted through a Facebook application. Launched in late October, the LSBF Global MBA offers free access to lectures and panel discussion groups online through Facebook. Three studios in the LSBF’s London campus continuously record and constantly update study material for students to stay abreast of business events, while a team of advisors is available online. Students must still have a BSc/BA or five years of professional experience in order to earn an accredited LSBF Global MBA, and they must also pay if they want accreditation. Nevertheless, hundreds of hours of free study are available to all users, including 80 hours of high-definition video content. Developed by former Google employees, the LSBF Global MBA app delivers an MBA awarded by the University of Wales. “Historically there are real barriers for people to take the time to do an MBA,” explains LSBF founder Aaron Etingen. “Our new product uses the Facebook platform. We expect to get over 500,000 users in the first year, but that is a conservative estimate.” If an MBA program can be delivered via a Facebook app, just think how many other educational offerings could be as well. One to be inspired by! (Related: Platform lets anyone create and monetize an online schoolFree Ivy League courses for high schoolers.) Spotted by: Ben Hirsch



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