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Luxurious car hosts foodies touring Tokyo’s gourmet scene

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All-Star Restaurant offers seven-course meals showcasing Tokyo’s varied food scene delivered via UberEATS to a luxurious Volvo, which acts as a moving restaurant.

We’ve previously seen how a shuttle bus has been conceived as an office-style space for commuters, and now Tokyo-based All-Star Restaurant is teaming up with Volvo and UberEATS to provide foodies with the opportunity to combine gourmet dining with luxurious travel.

Users can make a reservation to be driven around Tokyo in a Volvo XC90 Excellence model while they eat, which features heated seats with massage and ventilation functions, and a Bowers and Wilkins sound system. The seven-course meal showcases several top restaurants to represent the best of Tokyo’s varied culinary scene by placing more traditional Japanese cuisine alongside food from other cultures, be that French or American, among others, and features a salmon roe starter, a filet de sole dish and an Angus beef porterhouse steak. The dishes are selected through the UberEATS app, prepared at the restaurants, and then delivered to the Volvo by an UberEATS courier. To top it all off, there are two bottles of champagne stored in a minibar between the back seats. While the original event was a one off first-come-first-serve reservation process that has already closed, success may see more All-Star Restaurant projects popping up in other foodie cities.

With driverless cars offering huge potential as further ‘third-space’ arenas between home and office, what other projects could we see being offered to passengers?




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