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Luxury handbags sold on Chinese social media


Dior became the latest high-end brand to sell via China’s WeChat social media network, with the limited edition Lady Dior bag selling out in two days.

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Christian Dior became the first brand to sell luxury handbags through China’s social media and messaging network WeChat. The company joins other high-end names in using the direct-to-consumer sales route. On WeChat, Dior sold a limited edition Lady Dior bag with optional customizations.

Customers dragged and dropped various decorative badges to be added to their handbag. Sales were then made directly through WeChat. Available on a Monday, the bags sold out Tuesday.

As storefronts become increasingly expensive, and online sales continue to grow, retailers are finding ways to link the two experiences. Brands making those connections include a supermarket’s chatbot chef helping customers plan meals while in the store and a furniture design company providing in-store pins for customers to push to save items to their Pinterest boards. How might transportation networks work with online shopping habits to provide new experiences?


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