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Luxury hotel furniture sourced and made available to tourists

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Discover & Deliver hunts down the accessories adorning rooms in some of the world's most luxury hotels and delivers them to customers' doors.

We recently saw offer a way for tourists to contribute to the community they are visiting by delivering products from abroad as they travel. Now travellers can take something back from their experience with Discover & Deliver, a site which hunts down the sources of accessories adorning rooms in some of the world’s luxury hotels and delivers them to customers’ doors. Based in the UK, the site was conceived by founder Isabel Rutland after a stay in the Greenwich in New York, which is famous for its perfectionist interior design. Rutland decided she wanted to make it easier for people to replicate the high standard of hotel decoration in their own homes and set up Discover & Deliver to fulfil those needs. Tourists who have spotted a piece of furniture, crockery or cutlery they like while staying in a hotel can take a photo of the object and send it into the site, whose team of researchers aim to find the exact object, or failing that something very similar in terms of style and quality. This service costs GBP 25, which is reimbursable upon purchase. Each item can be bought through Design & Discover, which offers free international delivery of the objects to UK, Europe and US. Travelers who have purchased something too sizeable to take home can also benefit from the delivery service, although a fee is then charged. The site features a webshop which contains some of the interior design team’s favorite spottings from hotels worldwide, photographed both on their own and in their original location, which acts as a recommendation bank for those who want to add luxury to their home but don’t know where to start. Discover & Deliver turns some of the most admired hotels in the world into interior design showrooms, with the added benefit that tourists can try before they buy. Could this concept work in your industry?



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