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The Laundress is a collection of high-end fabric detergents and care products. When Lindsey Wieber, a sales executive for Chanel and Gwen Whiting, a senior designer for Ralph Lauren, realized that their expensive clothes were suffering from dry cleaning, they took matters into their own hands and created The Laundress. Their line of premium fabric care products provides detergents for superior fabrics, from wool/cashmere shampoo to baby detergent. In their own words: “All fabrics are different – everything needs to be treated differently. All of our products were developed for a specific reason.” Adding to the sense of luxury, detergents and care products come in four signature fragrances: Classic, Cedar, Baby and Lady. The Laundress range also includes laundry bags and ‘wet’ swimsuit pouches. Previously, we wrote about Laundry Spa and Slate, two laundry services with a deluxe touch. Unlike these services, which are both based in Manhattan, The Laundress extends the luxury laundry concept to consumers all over the United States, and is making its way across the rest of the world. Rinse and repeat after us: any product or service can be upgraded to massclusivity or uber-premium status!


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