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Immune system | Photo source Arek Socha from Pixabay

Machine-learning platform can model a person’s immune system

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CyroReason's platform identifies cause and effect relationships on a cellular level to determine how one responds to medicine

Spotted: Israel-based CyroReason has created a machine-learning platform that can model a person’s immune system at a cellular level. The platform is the first of its kind, according to the company. It could lead to lower drug development costs and improve treatments’ effectiveness.

CyroReason’s platform identifies the “cause and effect” relationships on a cell level to determine how a person responds to medicine. That knowledge is crucial to learning how to treat that disease, according to the company.

The machine-learning model simulates the cells to “see” which ones can make a difference to treatment. The replicas are “cell-level blueprints of immune activity” within the context of disease and drug therapy, the company says.

“CytoReason is trying to build a computational model of human tissue,” co-founder David Harel said. The information learned from the model is used to support clinical trials of new drugs.

CytoReason is already working with major pharmaceuticals companies like British multinational GlaxoSmithKline (gsk) and US-based multinational Pfizer. It is also working with the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy.




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