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Machine learning technology used to match student roommates

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A new algorithm developed by a university in China can match students with the most compatible roommate based on their habits and interests.

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As technology develops it is no surprise that we have seen its influence on university life. Indeed, students and young people are some of the most engaged with new technology. We have recently seen technology play a larger role on university campuses. For example, the University of Wisconsin Green Bay now lets students know their application has been successful using snapchat. Instead of sending letters by post, the university contacts successful applicants through social media. The University of Arizona has also harnessed technology, this time to prevent university drop-outs. By analysing the data from students’ ID cards the university can identify the possible drop-outs. However, it is not just American universities making the most of technology. Nanjing University has now announced an innovative technological scheme.

Students in China can share dorms with up to 5 other people. It is therefore highly important that they get on well. Nanjing University has developed a possible solution by using an algorithm to best match the students. By gathering data from online student questionnaires, the university can determine their habits, daily routine, and personal hygiene, amongst other things. Using this data, the university’s recommendation algorithm works to assign students to the best possible living situation. The only potential flaw is that currently the system relies on students’ honesty.



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