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Modern wine paired with ancient Roman cuisine


Where the Amazing Food Wine Company, which we covered a few years ago, created its wines for pairing with commonly enjoyed contemporary American foods—pizza, pasta, etc—Madeinmilan Wines has taken the opposite approach, focusing instead on a historical meal. The Italian label includes three wines from northeast Italy: Brutus (Sangiovese di Romagna), Paparazzi (Lambrusco Grasparossa) and Romeo (Cagnina di Romagna), and for Brutus, it recently launched a campaign that includes pairing with a five-course ancient Roman meal. Olive caviar, sweet ham, Imperial Chicken, herbed cheese and honey dates make up the specially crafted menu for the Roman banquet Madeinmilan suggests, with complete recipes available for download from its site. With so many competitors in the wine market already, focusing on ancient pairings is an innovative marketing angle that may well be attractive to consumers seeking new insperiences and maybe some status skills to boot. Which just goes to show, of course, that it’s a rare product indeed that can’t be upgraded, reconceived or repositioned in some novel way to make it new all over again in consumers’ eyes. If that can be done for wine—surely one of the oldest products in the world—just imagine the possibilities for your product or brand! 😉



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