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Magnetic refrigeration systems sustainable and efficient

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Cooltech Applications releases the first commercially available magnetic refrigeration system, increasing fridge safety and sustainability.

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Gas-free, quiet and extremely low maintenance, Cooltech Applications’ magnetic refrigeration system (MRS) uses water and magnets as coolants. The company’s latest design makes magnetically cooled refrigerators commercially available for the first time. Previous designs were too large to be viable and didn’t cool food enough to be hygienic.

By using the magnetocaloric effect (heating and cooling materials by applying a magnetic field), Cooltech fridges halve energy consumption. And by eliminating the need for coolant gases, they drastically reduce use of a major contributor to climate change. Currently being tested in three locations, magnetically cooled refrigerators are initially being made available for retail, medical and wine storage use. Larger and smaller systems are both in development, for industrial and personal purposes.

Making the entirety of the field-to-table process sustainable is a continuing challenge. Carbon neutral greenhouses are in development, and more and more solutions to food waste are being created, like this app that lets consumers order unsold restaurant meals. Now, with new cooling storage solutions available, what other aspects of the food chain need a sustainable make-over?



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