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Magnetic signs crowdsource correct change for the parking meter

Life Hacks

Parquímetro Coletivo — Parking Meter Collective — are magnetic boards, which enable drivers to donate or take change for the parking meter.

Most drivers have experienced the frustration of having to pay extra into the parking meter because they don’t have the right change. Online systems should eventually put an end to such problems but in the meantime, Nissul Renault in Brazil has come up with a community-friendly alternative. Parquímetro Coletivo — meaning Parking Meter Collective — are magnetic donation boards, which can be stuck to parking meters so that people can exchange their large coins for smaller change or donate their extra coins to an unknown stranger.

To participate, drivers simply leave behind extra coins at the parking meter by attaching them like magnets. Then, neighbors can grab as many as they need or swap the coins that worth too much to put in the machine. Could this system work in other countries too?



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