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Magnetic treatment optimises brain performance

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A new clinic claims that it can optimise clients' brains through magnetic stimulation.

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In the past, Springwise has covered a number of innovations aimed at improving mental health. These have included a device that aids concentration and using VR to help overcome agoraphobia. Now, an exclusive clinic is working to create a way to improve mental performance through direct brain modification.

The New York clinic, The Field, is the brainchild of performance consultant and behavioural designer Devon White and psychiatrist Dr Hasan Asif. The Field styles itself as an elite members club where high-achievers can further improve their mental performance and wellness. Treatment includes transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). This directs a flow of magnetic current to a targeted region of the brain. The electrical bursts allegedly enhance parts of the brain where the client and the clinic’s analysis say it is lacking.

The Field claims that once a client has reached the stage of ideal balance and brain optimisation, further TMS sessions also help them to raise internal awareness and improve performance in specific areas of learning. For example, a TMS session could combine with learning from experts in a specific field. At this stage, the treatment would help pattern the expert’s knowledge onto the client. In this way, clients could also learn more easily take in the knowledge of others.

According to White, the process optimises “high performance, wellness and satisfaction in a personalised way, to help people have the lives they really want, both in terms of their own satisfaction and as well as their ability to perform at the greatest capacity they can.” Although the process is very expensive now – sessions cost around $1,000 USD a session for a minimum of 20 sessions – the clinic hopes that eventually everyone could benefit from this technique.




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