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Magnetized workstation lets users work lying down

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The Altwork Station can be adjusted to different work positions — from standing to practically lying down — to provide healthy variation.

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Many office workers suffer from bad posture and back problems as a result of sitting down for long periods. We’ve seen a number of alternative office furniture — including a moving desk and a rocking stool — which enable users to adopt better working positions and encourage exercise. Now, Altwork is an adaptable workstation, which can be adjusted to different working positions — from standing to practically lying down — to suit the user’s needs and provide variation.

Altwork integrates the user’s computer screen and keyboard into the workstation, holding them in place with magnets that connect with a layer of steel under the surface of the desk. It adapts into four main positions — sitting, standing, reclining and collaborative — all of which are complimentary to the needs of the worker. Most ergonomic experts believe the key to a healthy workday is variation of position, so Altwork enables the user to seamlessly change their position at the press of a button and make extra adjustments to suit their body.


Altwork is expected to start shipping in mid-2016. It will retail for USD 5,900, but early adopters can preorder now from USD 3,900. What other office furniture could be adapted to better suit workers’ needs?



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