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Romanian laptop line customized with local images


There are many ways brands can give their products a local feel, including sharing product life stories and offering tracking numbers for details about product origins. Another example that just caught our eye, however, comes from Romania, where IT solutions provider Maguay just launched a new line of laptops whose covers feature samples of local craftsmanship from the Romanian Peasant Museum. Just launched last month with the help of branding firm Grapefruit, Maguay’s MyWay laptop line features state-of-the-art technology along with numerous options for configuration. Two available custom casings, meanwhile, derive from traditional Romanian images. One represents a distaff carved in wood, while the other shows a decorative pattern from a Transylvanian dowry cushion. Both were conceived in partnership with the Romanian Peasant Museum. All of which goes to show that there’s virtually no limit to the ways to communicate (still) made here appeal. Be inspired! (Related: Frito-Lay shows consumers where their chips came fromLaotian kudzu bags with a mission and a storyLocal wines, professionally made from amateurs’ grapes.) Spotted by: Catalin Florea



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