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Male celebrity style-spotting


Looklive, a men’s fashion platform, allows users to instantly identify and purchase style items worn by their favorite celebrities.

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Fashion – which is a USD 1.2 trillion global industry – seems inseparably entwined with celebrity culture with red carpet style analysis and spotters watching to see who has the latest ‘it’ bag. Fashion and beauty are also a perfect fit for apps with glossy images, lots of search criteria and continually updated content. ‘Get the look for less’ is a long-standing feature in women’s print magazines but now, Looklive, unites celebrity style-spotting and online shopping for men allowing male customers to browse photos of their favorite celebs and ‘get the look’ easily.

Users can search the database of celebrity outfits they like to find and buy identical or similar (more affordable) outfits. The technology behind Looklive searches the web to find celebrity images. It uses the photos it finds and matches them with images from clothing brands the celebrity is known to favor to identify the elements of the outfit. Since luxury fashion is out of reach for many, the editorial team then searches for more thrifty alternatives.

The app has roughly 1 million users each month with future plans to work directly with celebrities on products where Looklive will receive the full retail markup. Springwise recently covered a digital make-up artist that uses digital scanning to copy celebrity makeup. Can Looklive’s scanning technology be used to copy other aspects of celebrity style?



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