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Calling card forges connections for mothers and their children

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If mothers can get their own executive benefits and members’ clubs, then why shouldn’t they have their own calling cards too? Turns out they can, thanks to the new, German Mamicard. Harking back in many ways to the centuries-old tradition of the visiting card, the Mamicard can serve many different functions for today’s modern mothers. Handed to new acquaintances at a playground, for example, it can forge new connections for mothers and children alike. A home business can also be represented, as can contact details for babysitters. Consumers simply choose which of Mamicard’s many original designs they prefer. They then input their name, contact details and other text, email whatever photo they’d like to include, and Mamicard will turn the result into a digitally printed equivalent of the business card. Prices range from EUR 49 for 50 cards to EUR 99 for 200 cards. “Friend requests” may be easy and automatic in the online world, but sometimes the offline equivalent needs a little help. How can your brand help consumers forge new connections in the real world? Spotted by: Lisa Koenig



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