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The new Starbucks for the gaming & manga generation? Being spaces are here to stay.

Japanese Manboo is where the Gaming & Manga Generation meets TRENDWATCHING.COM’s being space trend: a sleek, branded chain of ‘cafes’ that offer a luxurious living room (well, multiple mini living rooms in the form of private, carpeted cubicles with separate personal computer and television monitors) setting for playing games, watching DVDs, reading comics and surfing the web. Reclining chairs and oceans of free coffee, teas and soft drinks included, 24/7. There’s even a nail salon and shower facilities. All this for only a few bucks an hour. Manboo currently has 45 cafes; four of them within blocks of Tokyo’s Ikebukuro train station alone!


With gaming, surfing and IM-ing taking up the majority of eyeball-time of virtually every 16-year-old kid from Sao Paulo to Seoul (forget TV!), who’s going to set up the new Starbucks for the PS2/Xbox 360 generation outside Japan?


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