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SaleSpread gives businesses a way to sell the prospects they can't use and buy others they can.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the old saying goes, and we’ve seen that maxim applied in numerous marketplaces, connecting buyers and sellers of unused deal-a-day coupons, cardboard boxes and — perhaps most literally of all — industrial waste. Now bringing it into the realm of the sales department, SaleSpread gives businesses a way to sell the prospects they can’t use and buy others they can. Companies with surplus leads that aren’t useful to them begin by signing up to sell them on UK-based SaleSpread, which then notifies the client in question of the business’s intent to share their information with other companies. Assuming the client accepts, SaleSpread then verifies the details and assigns a price to the lead based on its headline value, the number of years the business relationship would be likely to last, the industry, and the likelihood of potential buyers winning the lead, among other factors. Next, it sends a prospect description to potential buyers, who are given the chance to purchase one of four slots, each representing an opportunity to contact the client and provide a quote. If the sale goes to one of these four SaleSpread potential buyers, all four companies are charged the lead price. If the sale goes to a business outside of SaleSpread, then all four members are reimbursed. Sellers can make as much as GBP 100 for each lead worth GBP 1,000 that ends up being won by a SaleSpread member, the company says. Waste not, want not, to quote another old proverb. How could you build a business on unwanted discards? Spotted by: Matthew Jackson



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