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Deal-a-day site offers discounts on office perks and extras


We’ve seen the deal-a-day model applied to countless sectors and industries over the last few years, from art to nightlife, from dating to charities. The latest spotting? Market Sharing is a new startup that offers businesses one deal every day on office perks and extras designed to improve the mood of employees. The US-based business-to-business site hosts deals on a range of services such as gym membership, flower delivery, team building days, and restaurant and drink bill discounts for employee gatherings. Daily emails are sent out to subscribers listing the available deals in their near vicinity, offering employees a chance to socialize with their colleagues and improve their office environment at discount rates. As well as capitalizing on the featured deals, users of the site can also recommend MarketSharing to their friends and receive USD 25 when that friend makes their first purchase. Although the Beta version is currently only available in New York, MarketSharing have plans to expand to a national level, according to a FastCompany report. With benefits for both those hosting the deals in the hope of picking up returning customers, and with benefits for employees improving their office environment and relationships, MarketSharing is another example of how the deal-a-day model can be effectively applied to a specific niche. What untapped market could you apply the model to before some one else gets there first?



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