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Masonry for beginners

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Created by a Dutch company, Brickadoo is a building toy. Instead of providing an easy click-and-go system (like Lego), Brickadoo building kits come with little bags of mortar. Children mix the mortar in a mixing tub and slap it on the bricks with a small trowel. If they want to build something else, they just dip the entire house in water, which dissolves the mortar and releases the bricks for another round of masonry. Each kit comes with enough mortar to rebuild a house three or four times. Brickadoo bricks are made from natural materials and are free of artificial additives. Besides real bricks and mortar, building kits also come with wooden doors and window frames, and little foam figures of people, cars and animals. Currently available designs include houses, a pizzeria, supermarket, and flower shop – enough to begin construction of small brick city. Considering how fascinated most children (and many of their parents) are with construction and building, this could well be a hit. Time to snap up regional distribution! And if you work for Fisher Price or Hasbro, you might want to add Brickadoo to your shopping list 😉



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