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Anti-smoking design | Photo source Pixabay

Matchbox design highlights the danger of smoking

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Ukrainian advertising agency has created a matchbox with a lung-shaped striking pad that damages with each use.

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Smoking kills roughly 6 million people each year. At the beginning of this year we covered a smart cigarette box that connects to a phone, allowing smokers access a limited number of cigarettes each day. Now, advertising agency Publicis Visage, has created a matchbox designed to remind young people about the dangers of smoking.

In September, the Ukraine based agency distributed matchboxes to bars and cafes. Their design featured a striking area made in the shape of lungs on the frontside of the match sleeve. Each time the striking pad was used to light a cigarette, the striking pad was marked and damaged, providing users with a reminder of the damage each cigarette causes to their health.

This project is a great example of the way physical design can be used to drive public awareness in much the same way as these dolls help to raise awareness about child abuse and encourage children to speak out. Where else could the physical design of products be used to raise awareness?



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