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Guided tours by private jet cut travel time to a minimum

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Anyone who’s ever gone on a guided holiday tour knows that a big chunk of the trip is often spent in a bus or on some other form of ground transportation. Aiming to help tourists spend less time traveling and more time enjoying the sights, Florida-based Mauiva transports its clients by private jet instead. Just launched last month, the Mauiva AirCruise is a multi-destination sightseeing experience in which guests “enjoy the comforts of private air travel and conveniences of pre-arranged guided tours in each locale,” in the company’s own words. On its two inaugural itineraries this summer, for example — including the “All-American East Experience” and the “Western Wonder Experience” — travelers can expect to save between 23 and 37 hours in travel time compared with a traditional road trip visiting the same destinations. Whichever trip they take, the AirCruise comprehensive package includes escorted group travel; all transportation via a private plane and coaches for destinations within 90 miles of each other; attractions and local tour guides; accommodations at first-class, branded hotels; daily breakfast and dinner; as well as gratuities and porterage. In 2012, European attractions will be added to the mix as well. Vacationers looking for a less structured trip and more personal exploration, meanwhile, can opt for the “Fly, Stay & Drive” package including a full-size rental car (ready upon landing in each airport), accommodations and private flights. Comprehensive fares for Mauiva’s AirCruise trips start at USD 1,499 per person, based on double occupancy; “Fly, Stay & Drive” fares start at USD 799. Lauren Volcheff, Mauiva’s director of marketing, explains: “Because Mauiva AirCruise utilizes private aircraft and airports, guests not only save time in transit but also avoid the long lines and crowds of harried travelers associated with commercial airports. Mauiva AirCruises allow guests to see and do more at a price point that is the same as, or even lower, than the average coach tour or independent fly and drive.” Indeed, in this time-starved era, helping consumers make the most of what precious hours they do have makes good sense. An approach to emulate for consumers around the globe! (Related: Tours of London, led by the city’s homelessNiche travel tours for late sleepersGuided travel for photographers.) Spotted by: Andreas Muller



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