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MBAs without borders

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MBA-toting entrepreneurs who want to make a difference may want to look into MBAs Without Borders, a humanitarian venture that partners volunteers from around the globe with local businesses, multinational corporations and NGOs in underdeveloped nations. Similar to Doctors Without Borders and Engineers Without Borders, the idea is for professionals to invest their expertise to help in parts of the world that are not so privileged. The vision behind MBAs Without Borders is guided by their e3 principles—Enabling Private Enterprise, Educating Locals and Engaging in Local Community. Projects typically fall within five key industries: health care, agriculture, financial, income-generation and climate change. The organization so far has deployed MBAs to Mexico, Haiti, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Vietnam and Poland. Projects typically last four to six months, but some may go as long as a year or as little as one month. The organization covers costs for travel, accommodations, travel, business calls and other related expenses, and volunteers receive a generous monthly stipend of USD 1,000. More than that, they gain an invaluable experience—and one that looks great on a resume! In fact, MBAs Without Borders frequently hears from international businesses and NGOs looking to hire new talent. Founded in Canada in 2004, MBAs Without Borders hopes to expand into the United States Europe and Australia in coming years. Spotted by: Cole Denver Related: Microfinance meets mentoring



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