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Recycling boat

Media partnership helps British communities clear up waterways


A multi-organisation effort has resulted in a boat made entirely from waste plastic that can help clear up still more plastic from rivers and waterways.

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Spotted: The war on plastic has never been more fierce. From a floating park in Rotterdam made entirely of waste plastic, to building blocks made from repurposed plastic, communities across the globe are finding ways to re-use waste products. In the UK, an environmental charity is teaming up with the Mirror Group to clean up filthy, plastic-infested British waterways.

The Hubbub Foundation has dedicated themselves to “inspiring healthier, greener lifestyles across fashion, food, homes and neighbourhoods.” With a direct focus recently on reducing the amount of plastic in British waterways, they are therefore building their third Plastic Fishing boat. The boat’s materials are plastic recovered directly from the River Thames. For their third boat, Hubbub have decided to give the boat away to four different communities across the UK to help them clear up their local area. This boat also received funding from Starbuck’s 5p cup charge that has been in place since July.

Plastic entering waterways inland can reach far out into our oceans and have long-lasting negative impacts on marine life. Indeed, 80 percent of the plastic found in our oceans comes from land. Experts have even found waste plastic in the bellies of fish that we intend to eat ourselves. The need for change is also evident through the contributions from organisations. In working together, they highlight the urgent need for action and the universal cooperation that will speed up results dramatically.

Hubbub are taking applications from organisations who would like to win the Plastic Fishing boat to clean their local waterways. Individuals can also advocate for their towns via social media.



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