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Meltable thermoplastic card can be used to fix anything

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FORMcard is a reusable thermoplastic card that melts in a cup of hot water, and will mold into any shape.

When something inexpensive breaks, the instinct is often to throw it out and buy a new one. Offering a solution to this unsustainable disposable culture is Peter Marigold’s FORMcard, a reusable card made from thermoplastic, which melts in a cup of hot water and can be molded into any shape and used to fix objects from a broken umbrella to a loose tool handle.


FORMcard is an inexpensive product, which utilizes the benefits of thermoplastics, but is presented in a much more convenient form. To use, the FORMcard is put into a cup of hot water, which causes it to melt into a soft, malleable plastic. The user then molds the product into what ever shape they need and attaches it to the broken object. The thermoplastic will stick securely to other plastics. When cool and dry it creates a strong, sturdy material.


FORMcard is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and has already raised five times its GBP 3,500 goal. FORMcard comes in various colours, including glow-in-the-dark variations and a pack of three costs GBP 5. What other materials can be made accessible in this way, in order to make repair easier?



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