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Members card helps tap millennials market

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Magnises members club card and concierge app are creating an exclusive city network with enviable perks.

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A card that gains access to private jet parties, exclusive restaurants and allowed users to spend the day test driving luxury cars — sounds like the perfect status booster for discerning millennials. Members club Magnises is successfully tapping into the market of young luxury fanatics with an exclusive ‘black card’ and a mobile concierge app, priced at USD 250 per year.

Unlocking exclusive perks similarly to more elite credit cards such as Amex, the black card differs by linking to users’ existing credit cards. When flashed upon entry to participating restaurants, users can be met with magnums of champagne or a serenade from the in-house musicians. The mobile concierge app operates like an AI hip friend — users text questions about what’s going on in a particular part of town, and are presented with recommendations tailored to fit their profile — it can reserve good seats, too. Members also gain access to exclusive ‘hotspots’ around the city, including a Manhattan rooftop lounge, where Magnises hosts members’ events to bring their diverse network of users together. Other organized events include concerts complete with backstage passes and access to artists’ recording studios.

Businesses are approaching Magnises to sponsor events, who can pay to send recommendations through the app. Founder Billy McFarland claims that partnering isn’t the main business driver — with over 8000 members in New York so far, word of mouth is bringing in new clients. Could other businesses use luxury incentives to tap into the millennial market?



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