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Service bot is an on-demand PA for offices

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Large is a team assistant, accessible via Slack, that will take care of tasks such as scheduling an office cleaner or ordering ice cream.

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In the past, when an office needed to order ice cream for their upcoming team meeting, the task fell upon a real-life employee — most likely a PA or lowly intern. But now, treat-seekers can order ice cream, as well as request for help on office admin tasks via a service bot called Large, which is accessible through Slack, the team messaging app for businesses.

Large is a team assistant that will take care of tasks such as scheduling an office cleaner, arranging a handyman, organizing team outings or sourcing food. To begin, users invite Large to a designated channel in their Slack network. Then, any team member can make a request by sending a message to @large detailing what they need. The service is powered by a combination of software and people, who research the request and reply to the user with a potential solution. Large is free to use and all costs are detailed to the user before the task is confirmed, with a tip included in the price. Ice cream, for example, costs USD 3.50 per person. All payments are processed via credit cards, and receipts and invoices can be integrated into various expensing systems.


Large is only available for business use, but luckily Magic — the much hyped on-demand PA service — has people covered during their downtime. What other tasks could be completed by Large?



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