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Metabolic tracker | Photo source Geert Pieters on Unsplash

Metabolic tracker helps optimize fat loss

Sport & Fitness

An app gives tailored nutrition and exercise recommendations base on the users metabolism to help increase performance.


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We live in a society dominated by losing weight and obtaining the ideal body. Innovation has stepped in to facilitate the weight loss process, helping people to cut calories and get fit. We have seen an app that counts calories from a photo. The French mobile app makes it easy for users to track exactly what they are eating, without needing to calculate calorie content for themselves. Easy and simple to use, it is just one of many calorie-tracking apps. Another method invented to persuade people to eat less, is mirrored tableware. These inbuilt mirrors make plates and bowls look twice as full, helping to reduce portion sizes. Lsee is a French invention that takes health tracking a step further. They have now created a device capable of providing real-time data about what is going on in the user’s body.

Lsee is able to live-track the user’s metabolism by analyzing fat-loss biomarkers. These biomarkers are detected via a single drop of blood which the user places on the device. The results from this sample are instantly available on the user’s smartphone via the mobile application. Lsee helps users to burn body fat in the most efficient way and gives them unique insight into their body’s metabolic functions. The mobile application updates user’s on precisely how much fat they burn during a workout. This shows which activities are most efficient for that specific person. The application also gives users personalized nutrition and exercise recommendations to help them burn fat more efficiently.

Additionally, Lsee aims to answer the difficult questions: Should I lift weights? How much cardio is necessary? How much protein do I need? The answers are always personal, and therefore by taking into account the user’s metabolic activity the app can provide accurate advice. The device is suitable for use by elite athletes as well as people just starting out.

This is yet another example of how innovation leads to increased efficiency. Could this type of technology be the key to putting an end to the global obesity crisis? Perhaps if everybody understood their body better weight loss would be simple?



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