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Mobile meet-up service connects commuters in New Delhi

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The spread of mobile internet has enabled online dating and networking services to step outside of the home and onto the streets, giving users the ability to connect in the real-world, in real-time, via their mobile device. There are plenty of examples of this mass mingling trend, and we’ve already spotted StreetSpark and Loopt Mix, among others. However, Metro Mates is the first service we’ve seen targeted at commuters underground, adopting Bluetooth technology to allow usage on the New Delhi Metro. To join the service, users create an account on the Metro Mates website and enter key pieces of information about themselves, such as personality traits, physical build, and whether they are seeking a relationship or a friendship. However, the service then differs from other dating or meet-up services by asking commuters to fill in their usual journey times and routes on the New Delhi public transport network. Users are then given a unique code, which fellow commuters can use whilst traveling to identify them by and subsequently initiate a connection via Bluetooth — assuming they like what they see on the user’s profile. Rather than isolating users by shrinking their experiences down to a world of small screens, it is clear that mobile technology has great potential to connect individuals in the real world. What other daily experiences could be made more sociable with mobile technology’s intervention? (Related: Five online services for getting together offlineMobile dating app lets singles broadcast their availabilitySocial network helps commuters meet others on the go.)



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