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Micro-roaster lets coffee lovers make their perfect cup at home

Food & Drink

IKAWA Home Roaster is a digital micro-roaster which lets users roast small batches of coffee beans at the touch of a smartphone button.


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Coffee enthusiasts know that the best coffee comes from the freshest roast and a new device from IKAWA will enable anyone to make their perfect cup from scratch at home. The IWAKA Home Roaster is a digital micro-roaster which enables users to roast small batches of ‘green’ coffee beans at the touch of a smartphone button.

To begin, users download the smartphone app and choose a roast recipe from IKAWA’s selection — all of which are created by professional roasters and baristas. Recipes vary depending on the beans themselves and the user’s preferred coffee — whether that be espresso, aeropress, cafetiere or filter. Next, they simply drop the beans in the roaster: roasting takes between 3-10 minutes. Adventurous users can create their own recipes or adapt existing ones to better suit their taste. They can then share their creations with other users via the app.


Since home roasting cuts out one of the middlemen in the supply chain, IWAKA are able to reinvest 10 percent from revenue earned from selling green coffee back into the farmers who produce it via the Cafedirect Producers’ Foundation. The IKAWA Home Roaster was launched earlier this month at the London Coffee Festival and is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter: pleaders can pre-order it for GBP 500 and it is expected to ship in February 2016 and retail for GBP 750.


We have also seen The Daily Expeller enable users to make their own cooking oil at home: are there other food and drink products that could be micro-produced by consumers?



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