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Micro self-storage will stow single boxes for 24 hours

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The UK's LOVESPACE self-storage company will take even just a small box of items off customers' hands for as short as one night.

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We recently saw how Japan’s smart NeutralBOX is enabling homeowners to take advantage of self-storage-style capabilities in their own home through smartphone organization. For those who need to clear a bit of space in their home for a short space of time however, the UK’s LOVESPACE will take even just a small box of items off customers’ hands for as short as one night.

Homeowners booking the service simply let LOVESPACE know what they need storing — whether it’s a box, bag or bike — as well as the dates it should be collected and brought back. Users pay for the items they store, rather than the space they take up, and LOVESPACE charges GBP 5.95 per item. This price covers storage for up to a month, but customers can even request to have their box delivered back the day after it’s stored if they only need to get items out of the house for a night — perhaps to make space for a party or to temporarily stow items while moving house. Additionally, pictures can be taken of the boxes’ contents for longer storages and uploaded to the LOVESPACE website to remind users what they’ve stored, and the company even sends out packaging materials to those who need them. The video below explains more about the service:


LOVESPACE has hit a price point that makes self-storage cheaper than sending goods in the mail or even driving them to a friend’s house. Are there other ways to help homeowners make the most of their space?



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