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Micro-bakery, mega style


Why bother with a dozen roses when you can send your true love a dozen gooey, still-warm-from-the oven cookies? Customers in the Minneapolis area may be asking just that once they discover Tank Goodness—a micro-bakery run by a husband-and-wife team right out of their own kitchen. Having earned a reputation for almost always showing up with a plateful of cookies when visiting friends, family and neighbors, Anne and Dennis Tank decided to take a gamble on the cookie business—and they seem to be playing their hand quite well. While the concept is not entirely new, Tank Goodness earns marks for exceptional execution and branding. Their signature oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are made from the finest ingredients, including fresh organic eggs, Ghirardelli chocolate chips, premium all-natural flour and butter from a local creamery. For USD 20, customers can order a dozen scrumptious treats to be delivered via the Tank Goodness Mini Cooper to a home or business in Minneapolis—surely a welcome indulgence at meetings, parties, or to lift the spirits of someone having a bad day. Customers can place orders by phone or fax on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., and Tank Goodness will make every effort to deliver within one hour. Of course, this obviously limits the geographical area the business can serve—but leaves lots of room for fellow bakers to launch similar ventures in their own regions. The “city wide cookie empire” is sticking with its signature cookies for now, but may expand its offerings in the future. Since Tank Goodness already has the branding and recipes down, maybe they’ll consider a franchise. And are micro-bakeries the new micro-breweries? We’ve been spotting a lot of them recently. Related: Campus cookie calls, Chichi cupcake delivery and Pop-up bakery. Spotted by: Anne Rogan



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