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Mindfulness service helps the whole company de-stress

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Blooming provides mindfulness meditation services to companies, which makes use of brain and heart rate monitoring tech.

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Stress is thought to lead to billions of dollars of losses in productivity and healthcare costs. But a San Francisco-based startup is looking to make mindfulness and stress management an normal part of the workplace environment.

Blooming is offering the first technology-aided mindfulness meditation service to companies. The startup offers personal headbands and stress monitors, and guides users through mindfulness and meditation practices. Employees’ stress levels are recorded and monitored as they learn to develop regular mindfulness practices.

The startup utilizes the brain-sensing headsets from Canadian startup Interaxon, and also uses heart rate monitors developed by Finnish firm Firstbeat Technology to provide a full wellness service with its app.

bloomingappThe company offers its wellness program to leaders and businesses, combining its monitoring technology with a smartphone app, personal coaching, and a user-driven community. The startup’s founder and CEO Kristian Ranta said: “Blooming’s vision is to make mindfulness meditation as widely practiced as physical exercise.”

Blooming has just received USD 330,000 in pre-seed funding to grow its product. How else can mindfulness and mental health be treated in the work place before they become a problem?



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